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Highlighting Fan-Favorite Menu Items

This week, we'd like to highlight some of our most popular dishes. Looking for a great start to your day? Our breakfast ratatouille eggs with sausage will keep you satisfied until lunch. In this cool fall weather, it's always comforting to dip a fresh grilled cheese sandwich into a huge bowl of creamy tomato soup. And follow all of this up with a delicious plate of baked ziti and healthy vegetables. Post your favorite meals to social media and don't forget to order your healthy, freshly prepared meals today!

How It Works

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5 menus & over 90 meals to choose from each week.

Order a meal plan (one to three meals/day) or choose our single meal order option.
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We Prepare & Deliver

Locally prepared by Chefs.

Delivered fresh never frozen to your home or one of our convenient pickup locations.
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Heat Them Up

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Fully cooked and ready to eat in minutes. Our BPA-free containers are microwave safe.
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Meal prep made easy and clean up is a breeze!

Don’t forget to recycle our containers.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I have lost 12 pounds already!!!! In just 2 weeks!!!! I can't believe how well this is working for me, I am so excited and I can't believe how good the food is. Everything taste sooo good, and I am a very picky eater. I started this meal plan at 271 lbs, my heaviest weight ever, and I am already down to 258 lbs. I am telling everyone who will listen about this program, I love it!! Thank you so much for what your business is doing!!"

Stephanie Dunn

"I had bloodwork done on Friday morning and in just a month on your plan I've gone from 244 to 218 cholesterol count .. I'm so pleased!!!! I guess that's my signal that I should continue, along with the 10 pounds I've lost too!"

Anita Thomaston

"I have been a customer for over 5 years and have adopted Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine as part of my life style. I travel extensively for work but have always taken the meals in my carry on. It has saved me from eating out constantly or even missing meals due to being stuck at an airport or on a plane. This has been the best money spent on myself and I enjoy the healty lifestyle it allows me to maintain."

Tim Rodrigue

"I have tried chicken salad many times and have never liked it...but I really enjoyed my chicken salad sandwich today! And... I have NEVER had a fish that I have liked and I thoroughly enjoyed the talapia last night. I have to admit I was surprised... I have tried fish everywhere... not just Atlanta... EVERYWHERE... this is the FIRST fish dish I have not only liked, but enjoyed! Who knew! My family will be shocked when I tell them!"


"You have no idea how happy I was to see those \black box meals\" (as my family lovingly refers to them) arrive yesterday. I had forgotten how much trouble time and money is involved in shopping/hauling/cooking/cleaning up your own food LOL!!!! I got so much free time back again - and being an accountant believe me that's exactly what I need in January!!"

Daniela Jordan

"I took the summer off and came back to find the menus have changed. This menu is the best and the food is heaven! It is like dining out every night. The food is really fresh. Please tell the chef I LOVE the changes in the menu and the food is REALLY FRESH .. it's not just the name. Thank the Chef for using Georgia grown produce, I can taste the difference. I plan to be a long term customer."

Tabitha N

"I absolutely LOVE the food. It tastes fresh and expertly prepared. I have found that I really do have more time to spend doing fun things instead of going to Kroger, cooking, and doing the dishes. (Yeah, I know that your marketing said this would happen but to be honest I was a little skeptical.) The food really is as good as you say! Thank you so much for all your hard work."

Debra Hiram

"I know I haven't been using this program for very long, but already I am over the moon for it! I just finished my lunch and it was so delicious. I can't even put into words how great it tasted. It was just like something I would make myself, or would buy at a restaurant. All the food is fresh and is 'real', instead of those other packaged diet programs where the food is freeze dried. I find myself excited when I read what my next meal will be. Thank you so much for the great program. I can't wait to be on it for a few weeks and see the results it will bring!"


"I feel so much better on this food. The convenient meals have made it easier for me to eat and live a healthier life. As a single person who eats a lot, I have actually found myself saving money on this program. I highly recommend these meals for anyone wanting to feel better, lose weight and have more energy! Thanks...."

Mary Moore

"BTW, In less than 3 weeks I have lost roughly 13 lbs, 244 to 231 ! The food is delicious. 1200 calories is very low for a man of my size. I'm active and lift weights every day. I supplement the meals with a can of tuna and/or protein shake and estimate that I'm hovering at around 2000 calories. My goal is to 'lean up' while retaining muscle and so far the plan is working very effectively for me."

David Grabert

"I wanted to let you know how fabulous this program is. With Fresh 'n Fit and a lot of hard work at the gym with my personal trainer, I have dropped almost fifty pounds in the last year and gone down four dress sizes. Keep doing what you're doing, it has been a real life saver and convenience for me."


"I absolutely love this program. It saves me time, energy and money. It is a healthy life style change that I needed. I lost 25 lbs over 2 months, it was painless. I ate my 1200 calorie meal plan for 7 days per week 3 meals per day. I walked for 45 minutes 3 to 4 times per week. I learned to eat a variety of foods with the correct portion size. I love it."

Jewel Adams
Emory Hospital

"I had the beef stew the other night and it was moaning good, because I moaned with every bite! I'm not sure how I'm going to lose weight eating great tasting food. This is so good, I feel like I'm cheating on my diet, but I'm not. Affordable, great tasting, dietitian certified meals, fresh, never frozen, no prep, no clean up......Kaboom! This is a no brainer people!"

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Patrick J

"The new me! Fresh n Fit meals were good this week. My favorite this week was the fish tacos. The meals have the calories divided equally in 3 meals for the day. This is a new way to eat for me, I used to eat very few calories in the am and the most calories at dinner. With calories divided evenly I have energy all day!!"

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Connie H

"For the first two weeks of August, I did the 7 day plan, 1,200 calories/day Healthy Mix menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I started at 215 lbs at the beginning of August. After just 2 weeks on the plan, I was already down to 205 lbs."

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