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We'd like to thank everyone who completed our latest customer survey. Fresh N Fit Cuisine is dedicated to providing outstanding service and we are always looking for areas we can improve.

Here are the top 4 results:

You asked us to bring back our fresh extra offerings

We have already added our dark chocolate peanut butter protein bar and pumpkin spice bread back to our fresh offerings. Chef Juan is busy formulating several desserts (Brownies and Pecan Bars) to be available during the holidays. Stay tuned! 

You asked us to add more variety to our meals

The most requested cuisines were Latin and Italian. Since joining Fresh N Fit Cuisine mid-year, Chef Juan has been working on perfecting a plethora of new and exciting meals. Expect to see those begin to roll out at the start of the year.

You asked us to use fewer onions, peppers, etc as ingredients

Some of you asked if we could use fewer onions, peppers, cilantro etc.  One great function that was introduced with the new website was the ability to set up preferences - those are all items that can be set up in your account as opt-out preferences.  If you have not set up your preferences we would encourage you to do so. if you need assistance we are happy to help - just contact customer service.

You asked us for more pickup locations

We have recently added a new pickup location in Marietta. Currently, we are working to find additional partners in Sandy Springs and Buckhead. 

In conclusion

Thank you all for responding to our survey! If you have additional comments or concerns, please reach out. We are here to provide the best service and meals in Atlanta.