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Although you may not be able to fully prevent an illness this season, a healthy immune system is one way to give your body extra protection. Focusing on nutrient-rich foods and healthy lifestyle behaviors can help you and your family stay a step ahead. Immune-Supporting Nutrients The following nutrients play a role in the immune

Beginning this month, Fresh ‘N Fit will be featuring various trainers, motivators and professionals from around Atlanta to help keep you feeling inspired, which is crucial especially during these times of uncertainty. Our first installment is with Rayan Marks from MARKS on Fitness. A self proclaimed “virtual fitness motivator,” Rayan recently moved to the Atlanta

Staying healthy and active during a national and global pandemic can be difficult to say the least. The Freshman 15 has evolved into The Quarantine 15, to reflect the unfortunate reality of the current times. For many, clothes that fit us only a few months ago, now feel a little snug around the waist. The

Normally everyone looks forward to summer vacation. Taking trips with your family or sending the kids to camp means you can typically sleep in a little later. Unfortunately, this summer (and year) has been anything but normal. And adjusting to our new “normal” has taken some time. Whether you’re staying at home or if you’re

Staying active and healthy during the pandemic probably ranks at the top of most everybody’s list of things that they’ve been struggling with for the past several months. And while many have adjusted to working remotely from home, finding that balance between work and exercise can be a challenge. Many gyms in Atlanta reopened their