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Many of our customers used to dutifully choke down tasteless and boring frozen dinners, drink shake after shake or risk serious health problems with the latest diet craze. Now they lose weight by eating real food, and so can you. At Fresh ‘n Fit, we offer 4 different meal options: healthy mix (our traditional menu),

We’re launching a new blog series called “Eat the Rainbow“! Each week we’ll be highlighting foods of a different color of the rainbow and explaining the health benefits of each kind of food! This week we’ll start with RED! You’ve no doubt heard the term “superfoods”. So what exactly makes a “superfood” super? Superfood is

Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine is proud to have the ONLY USDA inspected kitchen in Atlanta. Having a USDA inspected kitchen means that our kitchen has a USDA inspector present onsite when food is in production or being packed. Our kitchen must meet much stricter food preperation and safety requirements than a kitchen that is only