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Tomorrow is not only the beginning of a new year but a new decade and the good news is that you survived the holidays. This time of year is always so hectic that we end up neglecting to take care of ourselves. Exercising and eating right goes out the window. Now it’s time to think of a

If you are hosting Christmas dinner, you’ve probably already made your grocery list. Many of your guests having been attending holiday parties all month long; most of these dishes are high in fat, sodium, and calories. Listed below are a few common Christmas table favorites and some changes to the recipes to cut back on calories.   Creamed

Enjoy the latest installment of our ongoing series featuring some of our favorite fitness, nutrition and healthy spots around Atlanta. To wrap up the year, we shine the spotlight on one of our neighbors. Located about 6 miles from the Fresh ‘N Fit kitchen, in a small, unassuming plaza, is one of the premiere CrossFit

As the holidays and end of the year approaches, parties become numerous along with platters of rich and delicious seasonal foods. If you are hosting a gathering this holiday season and want to lighten up your offerings without sacrificing taste, you have plenty of options. Try swapping out a few ingredients in your favorite recipes with

By: Michael Kummer Eating clean can be especially difficult during the holidays, when your friends, family and colleagues inevitably bombard you with a stream of delicious but decidedly-unhealthy meals, treats and drinks.  The good news is that choosing to live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean skipping the season’s traditional delicacies.  In my previous