Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer family plans?

Not at this time. Each meal plan is correctly portioned to serve one person. We do offer a multi-plan discount if you purchase 3 or more plans. Please contact our customer service team at 678-208-0341 to discuss options for ordering plans for multiple people in your household.

How long has Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine™ been in business?

As Atlanta’s original meal plan service we have been providing healthy ready-to-eat meal plans since 2003.

So how does it work?

Select your meal plan and pickup location (or home/office delivery). We take it from there! You receive meals twice each week: Monday & Thursday (except for our 3 day plan with one pickup/delivery per week). Meals come to you fresh. Just heat them up and enjoy.

What makes Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine different from a diet plan?

Our product is fresh, healthy and nutritionally balanced — real food prepared locally by a team of chefs. We do not consider our meal plans to be diet food. Our dietitian follows science-based nutrition guidelines. No fad diets from our kitchen. Just fresh food prepared with healthy ingredients delivered to you.

What are my meal plan options?

Choose from our traditional menu full of fresh fruit and vegetables, tasty chicken, turkey, beef and delicious side items like brown rice, whole grain pasta and risotto. Or enjoy our lacto-ovo vegetarian menu with a delicious variety of vegetable-based protein and delicious side items. Plus, we also offer Low Carb, Gluten Free and 100% organic Paleo meal options.

Can I change my meal plan week to week?

Absolutely — just let us know your changes by 4pm each Thursday for the following week’s service.

Do you have a dairy free menu?

We do! Our paleo menu is naturally gluten-free and dairy free!

Why do you have shipping AND handling charges?

A lot goes into shipping our meals! The 2 $15.00 shipping charges cover FedEx fees for routing, transportation, and delivery. The 1 time $9.95 handling charge covers all packing materials that go into your shipment!

Why are the paleo meals not balanced by calories?

The paleo lifestyle does not balance their meals by certain caloric targets. While they aren’t a specific caloric content, they are all nutritionally sound and portion controlled! If you’re on the zone diet or using the paleo block system, our meals are easily translated into blocks for your convenience!

Do I have to buy 3 meals a day?

No, you choose how many meals and how many days you want service. In addition to our 3 meals a day breakfast/lunch/dinner plan we also offer breakfast/lunch, lunch/dinner, lunch only, and dinner only options in all of our menus. All of our meal plans are available 5 or 7 days a week with our 3 meals a day plan available in a 3 day (half week) option.

Do I have to agree to a contract or buy a minimum number of weeks?

There are no contracts! The minimum purchase would be a 3-day plan. We do offer a discount if you commit to buy four weeks of service, but there are never any contracts or long-term commitments required.

If I purchase a four-week plan do I have to use the weeks of service consecutively?

No, you may use those weeks of service any time. You have a full year to use up the four weeks that you purchased.

Can I substitute meals?

YES! We offer “No Seafood” and “No Beef” options in our Healthy Mix menu, in addition to Vegetarian, Low Carb, Gluten Free and Paleo options. You may also choose our “Custom” option which allows you to build your own menu from over 300 meals choices.

What does “net carbs” mean?

Net carbs is a simple calculation that subtracts 1 gram of carbohydrate for each gram of fiber. Since fiber is a carbohydrate that your body can’t digest it does not impact your blood sugar levels.

Why do you say “Naturally Gluten Free”?

Our Gluten Free meals are made with no gluten-containing ingredients. Since we produce these meals in a facility that also produces meals containing gluten ingredients there is a chance of cross contamination that would result in small amounts of gluten being present. Our Gluten Free meal plan is designed for individuals wanting to reduce their intake of gluten. We cannot recommend it for anyone with celiac disease where even traces of gluten can be problematic.

What if I have a food allergy?

If you have a life threatening food allergy we cannot recommend our service to you.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, delivery is available for an additional fee in most of Metro Atlanta.

If you have additional questions please call our customer service team at 678-208-0341 or you may contact them by email at