A Perfect Plan: Feeling Fit

What makes Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine™ a great choice for a healthy lifestyle? We're the only customized meal plan in Georgia that uses no artificial colors, added preservatives or artificial trans fat. Both our Healthy Mix and Vegetarian plans follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Whether you need to change your eating habits to manage your weight, a health condition, or just simplify your life, Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine™ is an ideal choice.

We also offer fresh, chef prepared meals that are hCG diet approved. Please visit hcgfreshnreadymeals.com to learn more.

Handling High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is all around you. It's a thick, gummy substance that can reduce the efficiency of your heart. It's found in many of our favorite foods like poultry, meat, egg yolk, and dairy. Saturated fat and trans fats in the diet can also increase your blood cholesterol levels (especially the LDL "bad" cholesterol) and potentially lower your HDL "good" cholesterol levels. If you don't watch your diet, you may wind up eating too much of these substances and begin lining the walls of your arteries. In turn, they can become narrow or clogged and increase your risk of a heart attack or other types of heart disease. Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine's healthy diet plans are low in saturated fat, contains zero trans fats and are low in dietary cholesterol, which may help you keep your blood cholesterol under control.

The Dieting Dilemma

Hunger won't haunt you on our plan since it features fresh, wholesome ingredients and is balanced nutritionally. You'll be eating satisfying portions without adding meaningless calories.

Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine's healthy diet plans are so delicious and the plan is so easy to follow that the idea of dieting won't even cross your mind.

Many of our customers used to dutifully choke down tasteless and boring frozen dinners, drink shake after shake or risk serious health problems with the latest diet craze. Now they lose weight by eating real food, and so can you. Our 4-week recycling menu will keep you delighted, satisfied and on target with creative combinations and endless variety.

The Diabetic’s Friend

Diabetes Type 2 accounts for up to 95% of all diabetes cases and can be controlled with daily exercise, a healthy diet and weight loss. Keeping blood sugar and diabetes under control depends heavily on the right diet. The Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine meal plan gives you an easy way to be sure you're receiving nutritionally-balanced, calorie-controlled meals. We encourage you to ask your physician about which calorie plan is right for you. Some diabetics can look forward to reducing their insulin while many can eliminate oral medication completely.

Diabetics can enjoy three important benefits that come from a healthy diet and losing weight. Since insulin resistance decreases with weight loss, your natural insulin becomes more effective in lowering blood glucose levels. Blood fat levels and blood pressure can drop as well. And, eventually, maintained weight loss can lead to reducing or eliminating your diabetes medicines.

Fortunately, Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine takes the work and worry out of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We take care of the work for you; no shopping, planning, preparing or cooking. And our meal plan removes the worries of avoiding fat and counting calories.

Heart Health & High Blood Pressure

Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine's delicious low calorie meals are low in sodium and calorie controlled. Through lower sodium intake and weight loss, one can lower blood pressure and promote a healthier heart. Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine meals also include a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Recently, the "recommended" number of daily servings needed for good health was increased. Research shows that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce your risk of developing some chronic diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, Macular Degeneration, some forms of cancer, and may also aid in weight control.

Lose the Weight and Keep It Off

It's not rocket science. Losing weight really comes down to taking in fewer calories than you burn each day. The most effective way to lose weight is by eating a healthy, balanced diet and following a moderate exercise routine.

Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine's diet plan to lose weight makes it easy to follow the first part of this formula by providing the right portions, the appropriate nutritional ingredients and making sure that the plan follows guidelines established by recognized health and diet professionals. And we make it easy. You can forget about all of the planning, shopping, preparation and cooking. There are no meetings to attend or countless log entries. Gone are the tedious measuring, weighing and counting calories. We do it all for you, so just relax and enjoy your meals!