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The end of the year is quickly approaching so if you’re like me during the holidays, you’re going from eating and shopping to more eating and more shopping or holiday functions. But with how 2020 has been, the holidays are a little different this year.

Regardless of whether you are staying at home or getting together with family or friends, you need to make a point not to forget about YOU. A lot of times we get so caught up in activities and things we need to do that we don’t take time to recharge. You find yourself exhausted by the end of the day, maybe even a few pounds heavier and not feeling so well. This month, I challenge you to slow down and enjoy the moments. Focus on being in the present moment at each gathering and enjoy the company and homemade goodies. A key to this challenge would be to focus on 4 areas:

  • Nutrition: Now is not time to go on a “diet” so I would encourage you to think about filling your plate with as many veggies as you can as well as some lean protein and lots of water. After that, do enjoy those treats especially the ones you only get once a year. Just don’t go overboard.
  • Exercise: Move as much as possible! Whether your form of exercise is walking, going to the gym or taking a class – the goal is to just get moving. Ten minutes is better than none at all and it will give you the energy you need to keep up and help you burn those extra calories.
  • Sleep: Sleep is so underrated – aim for a true 7 or more hours each night and your body, mind and brain will thank you.
  • Breathe: Going back to the basics, taking deep breaths, doing and thinking about happy memories will help to make those stressors of the holidays not seem so big.  Five minutes or more of a time-out for you is so powerful (no electronics, no distractions, just you and a comfortable seat).

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