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What exactly is Cryotherapy?

If you haven’t done a cryotherapy treatment, you have most likely heard of a friend or a favorite athlete talking about it, or even watched a Kardashian doing it on TV. It may seem like a modern technology, but the power of cold has been around for thousands of years, when the Egyptians started using cold/ice to treat inflammation and injuries.

Along the way, many advancements have been made including milestones such as liquid gas in medicine used to treat skin ailments by chilling air to -140° F in 1899. And then in 1950, liquid nitrogen broke onto the scene at a whopping -196° F for use in clinical practice. In 1978, the father of cryo, Dr. Yamauchi, coined the term “whole body cryotherapy” and used it to freeze his patient’s skin for pain management of rheumatoid arthritis. After experiencing positive results, he and his partner began developing cryotherapy chambers.

All of this has led to the point where now, the power of cold can be dispensed in a safe three minute treatment that allows users to experience the numerous benefits centered around healing and reducing inflammation throughout the body. That advancement is what is now known as ‘whole body cryotherapy.’

How does it work?

Within 40-60 seconds of entering the chamber, the skin temperature will cool to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which initiates vasoconstriction, the body’s natural response to cold temperatures. This will increase blood flow to the internal organs, flooding the red blood cells with oxygen and nutrients. The added inflammatory proteins are released back into the muscle tissues upon exiting the cryo chamber.

The body will reactively produce endorphins and redirect nutrient rich blood to the vital organs and injured areas of the body to defend against what it perceives as a threat to quickly restore, revitalize and repair injured areas of the body that are needed most.

Once out of the chamber, enriched blood and endorphins are released back into the peripheral tissues, decreasing histamine, which helps to mend damaged muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Ok, so what are the benefits?

I call our cryotherapy chamber the “Magic Box,” because it can help out pretty much any person that receives the treatment in some form or fashion. Because the body is the best natural healer, we are putting it into a position where it thinks it’s in distress, therefore starting the healing process. The benefits include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Help manage symptoms of auto-immune diseases
  • Sleep better
  • Eliminate pain and soreness
  • Stimulates collagen for healthier looking skin
  • Boost mood through endorphin release
  • Stress relief

Source: Tribble Reese, CryoEvolution Atlanta

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