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Staying healthy and active during a national and global pandemic can be difficult to say the least. The Freshman 15 has evolved into The Quarantine 15, to reflect the unfortunate reality of the current times. For many, clothes that fit us only a few months ago, now feel a little snug around the waist. The combination of binge watching shows on our favorite streaming services and increased inactivity, due to not going out as much, has begun to show its unfortunate effects.

And because the South has shown some of the highest rates of COVID19 in the country, many of us are left to wonder what else can be done to increase our chances of remaining healthy.

Recently, the CDC has reported that obesity (having a body mass index of 30 or above) may be one of the top predictors of severe illness linked to COVID19. Although many medical problems can be attributed to obesity in general, new studies have shown that it is one of the most significant risk factors, only after older age. 

When Georgia, along with most of the country, lifted their shelter-in-place orders, people were more than anxious to get back outside to feel some form of normalcy again. Although places like gyms and restaurants updated their safety protocols, the recent spikes of COVID19 cases has once again disrupted our way of life and has us questioning what steps can be taken to move forward safely.

Online learning, virtual fitness classes, and home delivery of food and meals, appear to be the new reality of how to stay healthy and safe.

I tried to cook a lot more at the beginning of the pandemic, but after awhile my eating habits started to change and I got tired of it,” said longtime Fresh ‘N Fit customer Tiffany P. “Fresh ‘N Fit has helped me get back on track and stay out of the grocery stores as much as possible.

Calorie and portion controlled meals are prepared each week for you in our kitchen, with the highest safety protocols in place, and then delivered contact-free to your doorstep or gym. So however you choose to stay healthy, Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine is committed to helping make it easy for you.

If there’s someone you know, like a friend, relative or elderly parent that would benefit from our service, please let them know that we can deliver healthy food right to their doorstep.

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