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Knowing what’s in the food you eat and how it is produced is always the best first step to becoming more health conscious. Whether it’s trying to avoid foods that contain antibiotics or GMOs, reading labels and then deciphering the various symbols and logos can seem a bit overwhelming.

Over the next few months, our new Why It Matters To You series will focus on some of the more commonly used food industry-related terms and how they apply to our meals.

In the first installment, we look into GMOs and what it means when something is humanely raised.

  1. GMO (genetically modified organisms) – According to the World Health Organization, GMOs can be defined as organisms (plants, animals or microorganisms) whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a way that does not occur naturally by mating and/or through natural crossbreeding methods.

    In many situations, genetically modified foods are developed because there is a perceived advantage to either the producer or consumer. For example, developing a plant that is more resistant to disease or herbicides.

    There are also concerns that genes from GM plants can migrate into conventional crops (known as outcrossing), as well as the mixing of crops derived from conventional seeds with GM crops that could have an effect on food security and safety.

    What are the long term effects of our health of eating GM plants or animals that have been feed GM crops? Something also to consider is the impact on the environment. The loss of biodiversity in nature is a legitimate problem if GMOs inadvertently migrate into wild populations.
  2. Humanely Raised

You’ll usually hear these words when referring to livestock production. It is considered more humane when animals are raised in wide open pastures that can accommodate their natural behaviors rather than have them packed into tiny feedlots or cages. Less overcrowding means lower stress levels.
Organizations such as the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) audit farms that choose to have this distinction given to them by verifying that their compliance to the comprehensive standards have been met. These standards provide better insight to how animals are raised and requires improvements for their health, if deemed necessary.

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