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Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine

Help the whole office
get healthy and fit.

At Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine, we wholeheartedly believe that healthy employees are happy, productive employees. Whether enhancing your existing wellness program, offering an exciting perk that helps retain employees, or reducing your company’s healthcare costs, Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine can help the whole office reach their goals.

Our Director of Corporate Wellness leads our program with input from our registered dietitian, and can customize our wellness components to fit your company’s needs.

Give your employees a new benefit they'll really value:

  • Employee discounts and onsite delivery options
  • Weight loss management and nutrition counseling
  • Health fair events and support (minimum 150 attendees)
  • Onsite body composition testing (body fat analysis, bone density, muscle mass, metabolic rate)
  • Onsite fitness coordinated with our fitness community partners
  • Dedicated support for your company’s wellness program

Offer your employees a fresh alternative to unhealthy foods. Customize your company's corporate wellness program with Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine.

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