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  • "I'll tell you and everyone that I have not gained back a pound since I lost 40 pounds a year ago. Using Freshnfit I am satisfied all the time. I am never hungry like I used to be before this program of healthy eating. I just eat my three meals and that is it. I am more surprised than anyone else. I??ve been on Weight Watchers and Physicians Weight Loss and other programs in the past. I lost weight while I was dieting, but gained it all back within a year every time. This really works for me. Thank you all so much."

    Rosalind -

  • "I have been a customer for over 5 years and have adopted Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine as part of my life style. I travel extensively for work but have always taken the meals in my carry on. It has saved me from eating out constantly or even missing meals due to being stuck at an airport or on a plane. This has been the best money spent on myself and I enjoy the healty lifestyle it allows me to maintain."

    Tim Rodrigue -

  • "I absolutely love this program. It saves me time, energy and money. It is a healthy life style change that I needed. I lost 25 lbs over 2 months, it was painless. I ate my 1200 calorie meal plan for 7 days per week 3 meals per day. I walked for 45 minutes 3 to 4 times per week. I learned to eat a variety of foods with the correct portion size. I love it."

    Jewel Adams - Emory Hospital

  • "I would like to order for next week and I have talked my husband (Kevin) into it as well! After seeing and smelling all that good food it didn't take too long before he was ready to sign up. So, I will need TWO 1200 calorie 7-day meals for next week. By the way, that chicken sausage biscuit this morning was to die for!!!! Who knew you could have biscuits while on a \diet\". I was a very happy more biscuits please. Take care!""

    Cynthia Brooks -

  • "Thank God for Fresh 'N Fit Cuisine! As faith would have it, I ran across an old newspaper article about the eating plan and that's when the light bulb went off and I knew this was my answer. After only 11 weeks on the plan, I lost 12 pounds, several inches and my cholesterol dropped 18 points to the normal range. Every meal is a gourmet surprise and the food is delicious allowing me to eat foods I wouldn't normally eat. I also ate the suggested 100 calorie snacks in between meals. I feel great and am encouraged to continue this lifestyle change. I now know what a correct portion size looks like and that knowledge alone is so valuable. With the support of my husband and regular exercise, I even won a cash bonus from my gym at work for the lose 8lbs in 8 weeks health challenge. I experienced so many blessing from this plan and every dollar spent was so worth it."

    Renee McConnell -

  • "Thank you for offering such a great service to people. With the hectic schedules of the general populous today, it is an incredible convenience that you provide. As you know, I started with Monday dinner. It was FANTASTIC, really delicious and I don't even care for salmon. It was clearly very fresh and had a great sauce as well. The whole dinner was very tasty. And I've enjoyed everything since then. I love to cook and I know how much work goes into that kind of cuisine and the prices are VERY reasonable. I just wanted to say thanks."

    Keith -

  • "I can't tell you how much Fresh n Fit has reduced my stress level this tax season!! I know I am also saving money because we used to make a daily run to fast food restaurants, sometimes two or three times a day! Now if I could just quit nibbling Peppermint Patties during my late night office madness, (not because I'm hungry but just because I've got to beat the habit to nibble) I know I would also lose weight. At least I'm not gaining as I usually gain 10 lbs during tax season. One step at a time! Thanks Fresh n Fit! LOVED the Brunswick stew and gulosh. One of my favs was the chicken casserole a couple of weeks ago. Rick really likes the sandwich type lunches. Both loved the enchiladas today."

    Sandra Dennard -

  • "I have tried chicken salad many times and have never liked it...but I really enjoyed my chicken salad sandwich today! And... I have NEVER had a fish that I have liked and I thoroughly enjoyed the talapia last night. I have to admit I was surprised... I have tried fish everywhere... not just Atlanta... EVERYWHERE... this is the FIRST fish dish I have not only liked, but enjoyed! Who knew! My family will be shocked when I tell them!"

    Rene' -

  • "You have no idea how happy I was to see those \black box meals\" (as my family lovingly refers to them) arrive yesterday. I had forgotten how much trouble time and money is involved in shopping/hauling/cooking/cleaning up your own food LOL!!!! I got so much free time back again - and being an accountant believe me that's exactly what I need in January!!""

    Daniela Jordan -

  • "Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine gave me the perfect way to lose 15 pounds when I was having difficulty finding the motivation to loose it on my own. An upcoming class reunion gave me the push I needed to finally call Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine. I lost 16 pounds in 10 weeks which was my goal. I found out about Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine totally by chance. I had no idea such a service existed in Atlanta, now I'm telling everyone to lose weight the way the stars do it, healthy, fresh and delicious meals delivered or available for pick up. My new life long tool for weight maintenance. Thank You Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine!"

    Veda Burns -

  • "Julie...Oh my gosh--had to tell you that the chicken sausage biscuit was so good. Seriously-I felt like I was cheating on my diet it was so delicious!!!"

    Sydney Conner -

  • "I took the summer off and came back to find the menus have changed. This menu is the best and the food is heaven! It is like dining out every night. The food is really fresh. Please tell the chef I LOVE the changes in the menu and the food is REALLY FRESH .. it's not just the name. Thank the Chef for using Georgia grown produce, I can taste the difference. I plan to be a long term customer."

    Tabitha N - Hiram

  • "I had bloodwork done on Friday morning and in just a month on your plan I've gone from 244 to 218 cholesterol count .. I'm so pleased!!!! I guess that's my signal that I should continue, along with the 10 pounds I've lost too!"

    Anita Thomaston -

  • "I am a 41 yr. old guy who has maintained a serious workout regime since completing graduate school. Over time, the amount of weight I was carrying became less muscle and more fat despite the workouts. The aging process was simply making it more difficult to convert the food intake to lean muscle. I needed a regime that would help me with portion control and balanced food choices. I've lost 25 lbs with Fresh 'n Fit's 1200 calorie plan. I add protein snacks through the day too. The convenience and tasty meals are a boon to my productivity as a busy professional saving me time and money at the grocery store!"

    David - Atlanta

  • "I have been eating this wonderful food for a little over a month and I can tell you that it is absolutely delicious. I was on the Jenny Craig diet, and I do like their food, but it does not come anywhere close to the quality of food that I receive weekly from Fresh N Fit Cuisine. I lost five pounds on the Jenny Craig plan and I have also lost five pounds on the Fresh N Fit plan. The Fresh N Fit meals make me feel great, and I have an abundance of energy. I developed high blood pressure about a year ago and was taking medication that was driving me insane with strange side effects. I decided to get off the medication and lose weight in order to bring the blood pressure down. It is working very well. Thank you for the wonderful service that your company provides."

    Alice Propheter -

  • "I know I haven't been using this program for very long, but already I am over the moon for it! I just finished my lunch and it was so delicious. I can't even put into words how great it tasted. It was just like something I would make myself, or would buy at a restaurant. All the food is fresh and is 'real', instead of those other packaged diet programs where the food is freeze dried. I find myself excited when I read what my next meal will be. Thank you so much for the great program. I can't wait to be on it for a few weeks and see the results it will bring!"

    Michelle -

  • "I absolutely LOVE the food. It tastes fresh and expertly prepared. I have found that I really do have more time to spend doing fun things instead of going to Kroger, cooking, and doing the dishes. (Yeah, I know that your marketing said this would happen but to be honest I was a little skeptical.) The food really is as good as you say! Thank you so much for all your hard work."

    Debra Hiram -

  • "BTW, In less than 3 weeks I have lost roughly 13 lbs, 244 to 231 ! The food is delicious. 1200 calories is very low for a man of my size. I'm active and lift weights every day. I supplement the meals with a can of tuna and/or protein shake and estimate that I'm hovering at around 2000 calories. My goal is to 'lean up' while retaining muscle and so far the plan is working very effectively for me."

    David Grabert - Atlanta

  • "I feel so much better on this food. The convenient meals have made it easier for me to eat and live a healthier life. As a single person who eats a lot, I have actually found myself saving money on this program. I highly recommend these meals for anyone wanting to feel better, lose weight and have more energy! Thanks...."

    Mary Moore - Curves-Acworth

  • "My husband and I joined the Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine program in July on the recommendation of our personal trainer. We have been thrilled with the quality of the food, the variety, and the surprising ease of it all! Anna, our distributor, has also been helpful and always supportive. I have lost 13 pounds so far and it has truly been an amazingly painless process. The fact that the food is properly balanced and portion controlled has taught me how to control my eating habits. I wished I had found this program back in my twenties! I recommend the program to everyone!"

    Patty - Alpharetta

  • "This program is ideal for me. Cooking for one person is difficult and wasteful. Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine provides a variety I could never afford to buy and prepare for one person without waste. Furthermore, the food tastes great! The calorie count is just great! Imagine trying to get that much variety in one's diet. The crowning point is the cost. I would never be able to plan meals, shop for the food and prepare 3 meals with a total of 1200 calories for the day for a price of under $20 a day."

    Odessa Hooker -

  • "I am really excited that I began eating Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine. Each meal is healthy and tastes great! I especially like how the meals are already portioned and neatly packaged because I am always on the go. It was difficult for me to prepare my meals in advance as well as eat healthy. Fresh 'n Fit makes life easier for me and I have been able to stay fit and full without having to do extra preparation - I just grab and go! Even when I eat out, Fresh 'n Fit makes me aware of what I'm eating and the 'portion size' that I should have."

    Marlo Barber -

  • "I wanted to let you know how fabulous this program is. With Fresh 'n Fit and a lot of hard work at the gym with my personal trainer, I have dropped almost fifty pounds in the last year and gone down four dress sizes. Keep doing what you're doing, it has been a real life saver and convenience for me."

    Alicia - Buckhead

  • "I'm now fitting into clothes that used to be very tight and uncomfortable! Losing weight has a way of \expanding\" your wardrobe! As a matter of fact... I had dinner with my daughter last night and felt ill after having eaten half a sub sandwich and some macaroni salad. My body is rebelling against processed 'fast food' and I certainly feel much more energized and have eliminated all of my indigestion problem by sticking to the Fresh 'n Fit meals. Thanks for helping me see how important it is to eat right and take better care of my body. It's the only one I have"

    Mary Kirk - Kennesaw

  • "The only problem with the Fresh 'n Fit plan is the plastic containers are too deep! I can't lick all the sauce out of the bottom!!"

    E.K. -

  • "I have lost 12 pounds already!!!! In just 2 weeks!!!! I can't believe how well this is working for me, I am so excited and I can't believe how good the food is. Everything taste sooo good, and I am a very picky eater. I started this meal plan at 271 lbs, my heaviest weight ever, and I am already down to 258 lbs. I am telling everyone who will listen about this program, I love it!! Thank you so much for what your business is doing!!"

    Stephanie Dunn - Cobb County

  • "I love the food and the convenience of not having to shop and cook on my busy schedule is the best present I've ever given myself, not to mention that I'm losing weight and have more energy!"

    Mary Kirk - Kennesaw

  • "I have been very impressed with this program; both for service and product. The level of professionalism and friendly service I received has been wonderful. This alone has been an encouragement for me to recommend to family and friends. The quality of the food has been excellent; not only for freshness but variety and taste. I have been on the program for 3 1/2 months now and I have lost 37 lbs. to date!! It's perfect for me because I don't have to think about counting calories and I'm getting more healthy food servings like vegetables - which I have lacked in the past. My energy levels are up, I have more time in my day (without the worry of cooking and shopping) plus I'm losing weight. The only concern for others may be the price of meals, but it is well worth the investment because better health and time saving are precious items that you can't put a price on."

    Michelle Henderson - Atlanta

  • "The food is so good! It is easy to stick to - no grocery shopping!! I have lost 20 lbs. and down 4 pant sizes and have more energy!!"

    Debi Presser - Midtown

  • "The food is great, and it couldn't be more convenient. I am a big fan of Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine!!!"

    Teresa Michel - Decatur

  • "I LOVE FRESH 'N FIT! I don't ever remember a time that I have felt so good and without being hungry while losing weight!! I have lost 12 pounds so far and have gone down 2 sizes and I am starting my fifth week!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING THIS UNBELIEVABLE PROGRAM TO CONTOURS EXPRESS!!!! I love every meal and I always look forward to the next one, they are all soooooooo YUMMY!!! The menus are AWESOME!"

    Eileen Mayorga -

  • "I looooooove everything about the plan! The food really is very yummy! I've eaten every bit with great relish. I like not having to WORRY about counting, shopping, cooking. I just eat and have time to go do other things! I'm planning to lose 20 lbs. by just eating these yummy meals."

    Amanda - Atlanta

  • "If you are on Coumadin, this program is sensational. My mother moved into my home after my heart problem in 2004 and lived with me for a month cooking all my meals. We had no trouble getting the salt out but the vegetables were a real problem. With Coumadin, you can definitely eat too many green veggies or too few and I wound up back in the emergency room twice with blood that was dangerously thin. Staying on this program for me has meant I eat a good variety of fresh fruits and veggies, and a very consistent amount of each type so my blood tests have been very stable. The other great thing is with the long hours I work, I don't have to shop or cook when I get home! Part of my problem was being too tired to shop or cook so I'd grab fast food on my way home. There is virtually nothing in the canned or frozen line in a grocery store that does not have way too much sodium for me. With Fresh 'n Fit the sodium is controlled but the food is still beautifully seasoned."

    Dolly Fehd -

  • "Your meal program has been the answer for me. I am a single woman, busy entrepreneur who has no desire to menu plan, shop, or cook-for-one. I am sure my grocery bill is less now that I am not throwing out unused produce! It is such a convenience to have my freshly cooked, not frozen, meals prepared for me. A one minute zap in the microwave is standard prep. The meals are nutritious, well-balanced, low sodium, and averaging 1200 calories a day. I don't have to count! I have been using the plan since early Feb. 2006 and have lost a pound a week. This is in combination with working out at Curves 3 times a week. I am motivated to make the most of this 'diet' and yet I don't feel I am dieting. It is sufficient food for me - I am not hungry and there is so much more variety with these meals than I could fix for myself. If my story sounds familiar to yours, I urge you to give this meal program a try."

    Betsy Laundon -

  • "Your food plan is proving to be a real 'boon' to us. We've been on it for over five weeks and enjoy the variety of menus, the attractiveness of the meal presentations, the ease of not having to plan meals, shop, prepare and clean up. The convenience of being able to pick up our food twice a week (for freshness) and being in close proximity to the pick-up location is a plus too!! Before this meal program we had so much spoilage of food. We joined the meal plan service as a convenience and discovered we were more than satisfied with the amount of food being on the 1200 calories. All the employees have been very accomodating and cheerful, a real pleasure to do business with. Thank you for making our life easier!"

    Kay Vanderlip -

  • "I have been on the your diet plan for almost 12 weeks now and have lost 17.2 pounds. I find the diet easy to stick with because I like the way the food tastes. Given my personality, a diet which required me to count anything, measure anything, or cook anything was never going to work. I like the fact that I just reach in the refrigerator, pull out my meal, nuke it and eat it! It doesn't get any simpler than that. When I started the diet, my total cholesterol was at 200. After just 4 weeks it was down to 164. In conclusion, I highly recommend the plan. I have already told my circle of friends and family about it and would not hesitate to recommend that they start the diet if they felt the need."

    Jana Bray -

  • "So convenient- no more decision making what to eat! I Lost 15 lbs. in 3 months with little effort and no hunger! I Feel better than I have in years! After a 4-day cruise I actually looked forward to getting back to your meal program!!"

    Bob Kraun -

  • "I tried to lose weight for seven years to no avail. It was not until I tried your meal program that I lost weight. The portion control makes it easy and the fresh and tasty meals make me look forward to my next meal. In two months I have lost 20 lbs!"

    Thomas Sampson -

  • "As a single, busy business owner, this meal program is the perfect solution for quick, convenient healthy meals. Personally, I don't like to cook or grocery shop, so this meal program fits my lifestyle perfectly! The meals are healthy and very tasty and the delivery service is excellent. I love that I can have my meals delivered to my office and they are always right on time. To top it off, I am amazed at how affordable it is. Now I only go to the grocery store about once every two weeks. This meal program is a wonderful time saver all the way around and I could not be more pleased."

    Carmen Westbrook -

  • "I wanted to let you guys know that my blood work came back and I am doing GREAT! My cholesterol is coming down; Triglycerides are down, HbA1C is down. I have lost 7 lbs!!! Your program works. Thanks"

    Jeannie Glommen -

  • "This meal program is perfect for me. No mess! No fuss! No waste! Tasty, portioned controlled. After working all day I don't have to think about cooking. Dinner is ready in 2-3 minutes. In just 6 weeks my physician and friends noticed a visible weight loss. My energy level has improved. I feel great!"

    Bonnie Palter -

  • "I found these meals to be both convenient and economical. Eating these pre-made, fresh, healthy meals allowed me to save time because I did not have to go on long grocery shopping trips or spend hours in the kitchen preparing and cleaning. With the extra time, I was able to exercise longer in the evenings! I compared the cost of the meals to what I normally spend on food, and I found that it actually cost less to eat these meals because there is no waste. No leftover produced or other perishable items. I was also able to get out the door to work much earlier because I could just grab my lunch from the fridge and go. I would recommend this meal program to any working professional who leads an active lifestyle."

    Melinda Kane -

  • "First of all, your meal program Rocks!!! Thanks for everything, I love my association with you. I tell everyone who will listen."

    Belinda Skelton -

  • "I was embarassed by the way I looked, overweight! I heard a radio ad for your meal program and decided to give it a try. I chose the 1200 calorie portion and stuck to it. I gave up soda (about 8 per day) & eating between meals. So far I have lost 70 pounds in 15 week!!"

    John Smith -

  • "Fresh 'n Fit's Vietnamese steak was better than the steak I had at Gibson's Steak house in Chicago!!!"

    Matthew Peterson -

  • "Your food is second to none!"

    Michelle W - Atlanta

  • "Quick feedback: we love the plans and meals. It has been a life saver to our busy schedules and waist lines."

    Lubu M - Atlanta

  • "Thanks for a great, convenient product that's genuinely made our lives better. Please See my Blog Post at""

    Mark M - Atlanta

  • "It has been wonderful, and I have lost nearly 30 pounds on the plan. The food has been great and I have learned a lot about portion control and how what you eat affects how you feel and your blood sugar, etc."

    Cassandra B - Peachtree City

  • "Just to update you that things are going perfectly with deliveries to Gold's Gym. I am totally loving your product and the convenience of it. Down 10 pounds and have much more time for my young kids now. Thanks so much."

    Susan R - Stockbridge

  • "Love everything! I have lost 6lbs so far! :)"

    Kim T - Carrollton

  • "Your meals have been effective in my patients who have used them and I have kept 22+/- lbs off."

    Mike S - Peachtree City

  • "For the past year I have been struggling with hypothyroidism and binge eating, at best I would go two days of healthy eating before yet another binge kicked in. Since being on your program I not only have not binged once, but I haven't even been TEMPTED. I am finally losing the weight I have been slowly packing on and getting back to the me I know."

    Lyla T - North Carolina

  • "Just so you know, I have a full time job and am a part time law student, I feel so much better now knowing I'm eating vegetables! I'm doing my best to get new clients for you guys because this is just an awesome solution for busy people trying to watch what they eat!"

    Katherine W - Atlanta

  • "I can't say enough about the food quality or the customer service. It has been very good. I actually passed along your company information to my cardiologist, who is a vegetarian and was looking for a meal source."

    William C - Alabama

  • "Thank you all soooo much! Fresh n Fit is the reason I am on my way to improved health!"

    Lana F - Atlanta

  • "Hi there! Just wanted to say how much I have been loving all the food. My husband tends to be pickier than I am and even he has been happy as well! :) Thanks so much!"

    Tricia - Atlanta

  • "We are enjoying our healthy, delicious Fresh-N-Fit meals . . & thankful to have discovered your valuable service. The website and options . . quite simple and easy to navigate."

    Ruth T - Atlanta

  • "We have two in our household ordering the food weekly and we really like it a lot. We have tried others and there is no competition in our minds."

    Jeff C - Atlanta

  • "Yesterday was amazing. From the pancakes to the pizza to the shells. It was the best food day ever! I want you to know I loved it!"

    April H - Macon

  • "Love your service the first two weeks have been a heavenly assortment of wonderful dishes."

    Nicole G - Atlanta

  • "During my time on Fresh and Fit my Hgb a1c dropped from 6.0 to 5.7. My cholesterol levels are all great. My borderline anemia was also improved. It's a great plan."

    Diana N - Atlanta

  • "I do spokesmodeling, tv, & fitness work and tried you guys through a living social deal. I am blown away and actually find myself even dropping a few more pounds I didn't even know has to lose!!"

    Kimberly S - Atlanta

  • "We have enjoyed using the service to help obtain our fitness goals ( as we have in the past). The food and service has been wonderful."

    Faith G - Gainesville

  • "Fresh n Fit is by far the BEST food delivery service I have tried. I have tried multiple local and national services and when it comes to healthy, tasty meals, Fresh n Fit wins. It is the only service with food tasty enough I want to stay on it. I am really impressed with the quality of the food and the creativity and deliciousness of the menus. Since starting with FNF I have easily lost 11.2 pounds over a ten week period. I have more to lose, but my real goal with FNF is to eat healthy enjoyable meals to enhance health and well being. Getting to my goal weight is a side benefit of eating real food: quality protein and healthy fruits and vegetables."

    Cynthia R - Alpharetta

  • "I have been taking medication for my cholesterol for 8 years with little success. I just went to the doctor and I am proud to say that due to eating Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine my cholesterol is down for the first time in 8 years!"

    Al B - Stockbridge

  • "Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine not only saves you a ton of time, but it also takes the guesswork out of healthy eating. Even if you don’t care about the Paleo diet, why gluten is bad or why grass-fed is better than corn-fed beef, rest assured, they do. And letting them make the right choices for you, will benefit your health in the long run. I spend countless hours reading and researching healthy eating. But I understand that not everyone shares my compassion for that topic. I’m fortunate to have a wife who chooses to stay at home with the kids and to embrace a Paleo-centered lifestyle. I also work from home and enjoy a home-cooked meal every day, unless I am traveling. The chances are that your circumstances may be different. If so, I would encourage you to take a closer look at how much time you or your partner spend on grocery shopping and meal preparation. If you rather spend that time on something else, give Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine a try. Please visit to read my entire review on Fresh 'N Fit Cuisine's meal plans."

    Michael K - Alpharetta

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