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The good news is that you survived not only the holidays but the past year as well. That’s a huge relief, but with the kids heading back to school (virtually or otherwise) and you getting back into your work schedule, the new year routine can be a little overwhelming but it’s also the perfect time to start improving your health and nutrition. Think about not only setting weight loss goals, but making lifestyle changes. What is your new year’s resolution? The word resolution means to find a solution or to make a firm decision. Challenge yourself to make a positive decision on what steps will lead you to a healthier you.

You may feel like you’re dragging a little from some of the food you ate during the holidays. You may have gained a few pounds too. Refocus and think about how you are going to feel better. One way to help your body get re-energized is to adjust how much you eat and what you eat. If you have been indulging in high calorie meals that are high in fat and carbohydrates; renew your diet by eating more healthful meals. For example, choose low carbohydrate meals; this will allow you to eat tons of non-starchy vegetables. Vegetables contain beneficial vitamins and minerals that will re-vitalize your body.

Keys to Success
Now that you’ve decided on your plan of action; how are you going to stick with it? Remember this is a lifestyle, not a temporary change. Understand that these changes that you plan to make will be beneficial to your health and well-being long term. One way to help you stick with it is to tell your friends and family. This way it is out in the open! Let them be your support group.

Secondly, find a work out buddy. Having a friend to work out with will hold you accountable, especially during those winter months when you can easily use the cold weather as an excuse not to go to the gym. Additionally, having a buddy allows you to motivate one another. Third, find a nutrition coach. A coach can help you create specific and attainable resolutions.

No Shortcuts
When working on reaching your New Year’s resolution, don’t forget that life is a journey. The goals you set for yourself won’t be achieved overnight, but they will happen. There will be set backs, but how you overcome the setbacks is what determines your success.

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