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If you’re feeling forgetful, it could be due to a lack of sleep or a number of other reasons, including genetics, level of physical activity and lifestyle and environmental factors. However, there’s no doubt that diet also plays a role in brain health. The best menu for supporting memory and brain function encourages good blood

Which is better fuel for spinning class — protein or carbohydrates? Should you consume a sports drink on a long run? Is it safe to eat before a workout? Listen to locker room talk at the gym and you’ll hear lots of conflicting tips about what you should eat and drink before and after you

Muscle is harder to build and maintain as we age. In fact, most of us start losing muscle around age 30. Physically inactive people are at particular risk and can experience anywhere from a 3 to 8 percent loss of lean muscle mass every decade after that. This is due to lower testosterone levels in

It’s Friday but instead of dreading next week’s daily commute or the seemingly endless number of work Zoom meetings, reset your goals and reinvest in your health by eating better and, as a result, feeling better. The Fresh N Fit Cuisine chefs have added tons of new Winter meals to all of our menus that will help

Each January, millions of Americans make resolutions to eat more healthfully but many lose steam along the way. If you have trouble keeping your resolutions or meeting your goals, make this the year you create a solid plan that sets you up for success! Start by Assessing Your Food Choices and Lifestyle Keep track of